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clases de inglés nativo y clases de chino nativo Aranjuez
lecciones de inglés Aranjuez lecciones de chino Aranjuez

Graham Farebrother BSc MSc PhD

Li Jiang BA MA

“International outlook on improving the human venture through effective communication and sound and ethical utilization of natural resources, science, technology and sustainable business practices. Knowledge and resources should benefit all.”

“Global perspectives on language, communication and world cultures with a speciality in business English.”

Graham is an effective communicator and an experienced and hands-on manager, scientist and educator with demonstrated achievements in the UK, Australia, North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. He has a record of producing high quality outcomes, written reports and papers.

Graham’s career has spanned education, sustainability, the global petroleum industry, and natural resource management. Graham has taught English from beginner to advanced levels in private and state schools in China where he also taught maths and physics in English. He has been a member of an international sustainability research group at the University of Queensland, a research fellow at the University of Tasmania and a senior researcher/manager examining global seafood sustainability and marine conservation in both London and Sydney.

Graham’s academic qualifications are in Physics (BSc), Environmental Science (research Master’s) and the Science and Policy of Sustainability (PhD). He also has various vocational certifications including TEFL, Sustainability Strategies, IT and business management.

Graham has a very high level of command of his mother tongue, English, and possess conversational Spanish and French skills. He is also currently on a journey to learn more spoken Chinese.

inglés lecciones Aranjuez chino lecciones Aranjuez
clases de inglés Aranjuez y clases de chino Aranjuez

Li is a skilled and motivated teacher of English and Chinese with high-level teaching experience gained in Nantong (China), Sydney and London. She has published academic papers and edited book chapters in English and Chinese relating to teaching English as a second language and has presented academic research at international conferences in English (such as 13th international conference of Australian studies in China, Chengdu 2012). A selection of her research is available through the library of the University of Queensland (Australia) (see here).

Before her move to Spain, Li was a UK government-funded ESOL teacher in the London Borough of Greenwich. She provided English lessons to non-English speakers and migrants and organised Chinese-English bi-lingual children’s activities. Previously Li was an English lecturer in a Chinese university for 10 years. She developed and presented courses on Cambridge Business English, Advanced English, IELTS, the Culture and Societies of Major English Speaking Countries … . In 2010 Li won an Australian government competitive project award (one of only 20 academics sponsored by Australia in China every year) and worked at the University of Queensland as a visiting scholar. Later in Sydney she worked as an education consultant in the Australian tertiary education sector. Li also has 15 years freelance English-Chinese translation and interpreting experience for international businesses and public services in China, Australia and the UK.

Li’s academic qualifications are Business English (BA), and English Language and Culture (MA). Her professional qualifications include Cambridge Business English Oral Examiner, Qualified Teacher (China), Cambridge Business English Certificate - Higher, and certification in Standard Chinese.

Li is a highly experienced bi-lingual teacher and has supported many students in achieving their professional dreams. She has hundreds of ex-students currently working in a variety of international business fields such as importing and exporting using English and Chinese as their daily working languages.

inglés lecciones Aranjuez chino lecciones Aranjuez
clases de inglés Aranjuez y clases de chino Aranjuez